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PERFECTA wprowadza nową linię do depilacji EpiLady

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Perfecta EpiLady line

PERFECTA introduces the new line of EpiLady cosmetics

EpiLady is a line of new home body depilatory products that quickly and effectively remove unwanted hair. The series includes creams and plasters developed separately for body depilation and for epilation of face and sensitive areas. Cosmetics are rich in ingredients soothing and regenerating the skin, contain, among others aloe, d-panthenol, allantoin, calendula and sunflower oil.

The PERFECTA EpiLady line consists of five products: facial and sensitive skin cream, body cream for instant depilation, sugar wax for
face depilation and sugar wax for depilation of the body in slices. In the series there is also a soothing cream after depilation, which delays the growth of hairs, soothes and regenerates the epidermis and intensively moisturizes the skin.


PERFECTA EpiLady is a series of preparations for epilation and after depilation of the whole body:

A sugar wax for depilation of the body in slices; – price: PLN 13.90, 10 items

A sugar wax for depilation of the face in slices; – price: PLN 13.90, 24 items

Vanilla cream for instant depilation of the body; – price: PLN 12.80, volume: 100 ml

Chocolate face and sensitive cream for face depilation; – price: PLN 12.80, volume: 100 ml

SOS soothing the cream after depilation; – price: PLN 8.30, volume: 150 ml

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Perfecta EpiLady line

Nature of the series :

preparations for depilation and after depilation

Skin type :

for all skin types

Distinct : quick and easy

a way of depilation, to make at home, pleasant smells

Ingredients : calendula, essential oil

sunflower, chamomile extract, aloe juice, d-panthenol, allantoin, vitamin

E, marine collagen, plant complex, cupuac butter, glycerine

Producer : Dax Cosmetics Sp. z o. o

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