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Beauty type Autumn predominates in Anglo-Saxon countries, it is rare in Poland and only accounts for about 5% of our population. Autumn is the dream type of a literary heroine, the object of jealous glances and an unsurpassed pattern of hairdressing treatments. Her greatest asset is lush, red hair and romantic cat eyes.

Mrs. Autumn does not have a typical pattern of complexions. May have pale, pink or olive skin. Freckles are a characteristic decoration. Such “English” beauty in addition to freckles is also distinguished by reddened cheeks from shallow blood vessels.

In Poland, finding classic Autumn is a big problem. Our country is inhabited by the descendants of many nations and the mixtures of Germanic, Scandinavian, Tatar, Russian and Ottoman blood came to dominant Slavic genes as a result of hostilities and migration. Therefore, the Polish “variant” may have some of the features of the classic Autumn, and some, for example, Slavic ones. And so, we will meet Autumn with freckles, with a pink skin that does not tolerate the sun (it burns red) and easily blushes under the influence of emotions, as well as Autumn with olive complexion, easy to take on a tan and decorated with few freckles only in childhood or after an intense sunburn.

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Autumn’s hair is a fiery variety of colors, richer since the time of Titian: red, auburn, gold, amber, cognac, and in the Polish realities often brown or chocolate. Of course, for the color analysis we need to know the original, original color of the client’s hair, not the one that was obtained by using modern paints.

Eye color Autumn is a blend of green, gold or brown. Very often they are typically bookish “cat’s eyes” that change their dominants with the intensity of light or clothing. Eyebrows and eyelashes are quite clear, often with a red or auburn glow.

Color analysis of the client “suspected” for this type of beauty should be done very carefully and persevere with many color scarves. I advise you to check whether it is definitely not a different type, remember that it is the most unusual beauty in our country and does not hit every day. If the statistics show that half of our clients are diagnosed with Autumn, it means that we make some mistake in the analysis and you should review the training notes again.

When we successfully get through all the stages of color analysis, we show the client a color card with samples of fabrics in its shades. In a properly and reliably carried out analysis, this part can not be omitted. A customer with a card can freely view the wardrobe at home, verify its colors, and also have great help when shopping for clothing.

On the back of the carnet there are: color type characteristics, dress style overview, color suggestions for makeup, accessories, jewelery, hairstyles and fragrances that underline this type of beauty most (available on www.sklep.beautyart.pl ). Here, Autumn is proposed a bit of extravagance, ethnic style or artistic mess. Autumn looks beautiful in leather clothes, natural fabrics and knitwear. Her personality is often very creative, bold, emotional and extrovert, so she feels good in an unconventional wardrobe expressing the character and temperament of the owner.

The next stage of working with the client is to learn makeup in new, in this case autumn colors. We choose the color of the foundation very precisely on the corners of the mandible. If our Autumn has a sensitive skin with a tendency to bursting blood vessels, we must use camouflage or a green or blue base. We fix the make-up with powdery transparent powder, model the face and apply a warm color of pink to the cheekbone tops. Most often, customers choose the color of terracotta, peach or warm brick.

Eye shadows provide many opportunities for creative variations. All autumn colors are characterized by a golden background and a slightly smoky glow, hence the golden eyebrows, ocher, olive tones, peach reflections and heather colors can be found on the eyelid.

Both in the Autumn dressing room and in the make-up there are colors of the October park, ripening fruits, autumn flowers and forests. Playing with these colors, remember that they fit only with this distinct beauty. Contrary to general opinion, hardly anyone of a different type looks good in commonly bought brown or golden eye shades – remember that these colors are used in the aging characterization.

The lip liner and lipstick or lip gloss should harmonize with the rest of the make-up, that is, we also choose to put out the warm colors. Shades are most beautiful: auburn, warm red, chocolate, rusty, brick-red or – for the brave – dark orange.

For many centuries, autumn Lady has been delighted with its originality, uniqueness, delicacy, and at the same time a hidden rapacity. Titian loved this type of femininity and on his canvases perpetuated models of such beauty surrounded by colors due to the autumn landscape. That is why, Mr. Autumn, do not be ashamed of your freckles, red hair and delicate skin … You are like exotic birds, behind which we inspire with admiration. Other types of consolation is only a visit to the hairdresser, so that the little one helped us to get closer to your fiery beauty.


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