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Taking care of yourself is not just taking care of your skin condition. Our feeling is mainly influenced by what we eat and how we do it. I’ve heard about the effectiveness of the 1000 kcal diet for a long time, but I have always been discouraged by cooking combined with a thorough check of the calorie content of each eaten ingredient. Until I finally found the Honitex company from Warsaw, which brings to the customer a set of ready meals (five meals a day). It is enough to have the motivation not to snack and the efficient microwave oven to reheat the dinners served by Honitex. And you can lose weight already.
The beginnings
I wanted to dump 5 kg in three weeks. I know, it’s an ambitious plan. I knew that it might not be easy, but since I had already taken a weight loss test with the 1000 kcal system, I decided to follow all Honitex recommendations.
On Tuesday, a courier arrived with a packet in which I found a three-day feeding plan and meals packaged in disposable, foiled containers lined with stickers, eg breakfast, day 1; dinner, day 2, etc. Each day was a modest breakfast, a more nutritious dinner and a light supper between which I could eat fruit, such as an apple, kiwi or tangerine, a total of three meals and two snacks.
The first two days were difficult for me because my stomach was used to larger portions. In addition, at work I ate very little and usually half board around 19:00 was the main meal throughout the day. That is why I was very happy to know that I can change the order of meals, eg at dinner time I ate a dish for supper and dinner? dinner. Thanks to that I did not feel hunger.
I received another package from Honitex on Friday. And so for three weeks, the courier brought me home food twice a week. I must admit that I was surprised by the variety of dishes. In three weeks I did not eat the same food twice. Mrs. Anna Kustosz from Honitex informed me that the menu is not repeated for four weeks.

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A rich menu

Twice a week I had a day of debauchery? ? a muesli bar or biscuit, that’s why I did not even miss the sweets I just love. Another convenience was the possibility to adjust the meal to taste preferences. I do not like cornflakes and, as a substitute, I got yogurts that I enjoyed with pleasure. In three weeks I ate a variety of dishes, such as pancakes with cheese topped with chocolate and whipped cream, spaghetti. The menu had almost everything: baked potatoes, pasta, rice, fish, cheese, various salads, vegetables, fruits. I drank coffee, tea and a lot of water.
Before using the diet, it seemed to me that I did not eat much. However, the servings delivered by Honitex were at least twice smaller than my previous ones. It was a valuable tip. I realized that I can eat everything, but in small amounts. I learned to watch regular meal times and stopped snacking. Thanks to the 1000 kcal diet I dropped 4 kg, and consequently, 3 cm in the circumference of the belt and hips. The complexion has stopped appearing. I also have a better frame of mind, because I can easily fit into pants from last year.
Practical tips
Practically, when using a 1000 calorie diet, there are no contraindications, because we provide the body with all the necessary elements. Limitations result from our lifestyle. The 1000 kcal system can be used for as long as you want – dietitians believe that a minimum of 6 weeks to change your eating habits and achieve lasting weight control.
Week on a diet The 1000 kcal system costs PLN 179, or about PLN 25 a day. The price applies to Warsaw, but Honitex also operates in Krakow and Katowice.

Thank you Honitex for the opportunity to test the System 1000 kcal diet.

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